While we’re always in need of good quality children’s books, we also take all sorts of other books!

Age, genre, or condition doesn’t matter – even the most worn books can be turned into new books with new stories to tell. Why not arrange a collection with your family, friends, work colleagues or customers? If you are in the Doncaster area, we can even arrange a pickup.

If you are another not-for-profit organisation, we can even pay per kilo of books to help support your group’s efforts.

We are currently in the process of setting up permanent, static donation & collection points around Doncaster. If you are interested in providing a location at your business or organisation for a collection box, we would love to hear from you.

Beyond books, we can make use of DVDs, CDs, and even vinyl albums. Please note that we can only accept genuine editions of media items, for legal reasons – no copies, bootlegs, or pirated versions.

For more information about donations, please contact us.