About Us

The Three R’s:  Re-Read, Re-Read for Free, and Recycle;

Our focus is to get books into the hands of people who want or need them most, rather than allowing them to languish unread. We believe that re-use is the best possible form of recycling. All the books arriving at our warehouse undergo careful examination that determines whether it should be sold for re-reading, redistributed (through Re-Read for Free) or recycled.

Re-Read; By trading in used books, not only do we help protect the environment but we also earn income that helps us to redistribute books through Re-Read for Free and provide volunteering and work placement opportunities. Books with a resale value are sold through online book sellers like Amazon, Abe Books, or at local markets and carboot sales.

Re-Read for Free; When we sort through the books arriving at our warehouse we set aside books for redistribution through Re-Read for Free. Many of the books received at our warehouse are like new and we carefully grade the books into different genre or age groups ready to pass on to new homes. Re-Read wants to ensure that everyone has access to books and the opportunity to enjoy and be confident in their reading. Through our work we want to connect and help to build strong families and communities through a shared enjoyment of reading.

Recycle; In 2011 alone, 229 million books were bought in the UK. That’s an increase of 42% in the last 10 years. How many of these are already being left unread and forgotten in attics and cellars or discarded to find their way into landfill or incineration? We work hard to ensure that books can be resold or redistributed to be re-read. However, only when a book cannot find a new home do we send it for recycling into new products with new stories to tell.

Our Goals

  •  To support children and young people to develop their literacy, enhancing their ability to communicate, learn and fulfill their potential; We believe that literacy is the foundation stone of all learning and should be within the reach of everyone, regardless of age or background. Re-Read provides free, high quality books for children to choose from and keep to create their own library. Having books at home builds confident readers, confident speakers and encourages families to talk about books.
  •  To provide free books for individuals and communities to promote their well-being; We believe that everyone has the right and the ability to engage with books, reading and writing regardless of age and background. An active engagement in reading can support peoples’ personal and social development and we understand the importance of reaching vulnerable children, young people and adults who would benefit from opportunities to participate in reading – on their own, in families or social groups and communities.
  •  To help protect the environment by ensuring that unwanted books are re-read, re-distributed for free or re-cycled responsibly; The worst place for a book to end up is in landfill or incinerators. Re-Read will breathe new life into old books. We will sell or pass on for free books in good condition and only books that are too worn out to be read again will be sold to waste paper merchants for appropriate recycling into a new product with a new story to tell.
  •  To create and provide volunteering, work placement or job creation opportunities; Re-Read offers structured volunteer and work placement opportunities in our warehouse and our communities that help divert books from landfill or inspire and support reading – and develop valuable skills and experiences along the way. We aim to grow and expand our business to create new job opportunities.